How to Submit Your Work for Publication

A common-sense guide to some of the most basic and atrocious mistakes writers make.

Photo by Carol Jeng on Unsplash

#1: Include your name in the body of the email.

You want the agent or editor to know who you are, right?

#2: Put the body of the email in the body of the email.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried — but suffice it to say, the entire body of your email should not be in the subject line.

#3: Nobody’s opening that shady-as-hell ZIP attachment.

I don’t know a literary agent or editor alive who requests submissions in a ZIP file, but if they do, that’s the only reason to send one.

#4: Don’t send work that isn’t ready for publication.

If you’re sending your work to an agent or editor, it needs to be as ready for publication as it can possibly be.

TL;DR: I hate having to rehash this.

Your query letter or submission is a business letter between you and an industry professional — even if it’s read by an intern or a student like me. You are trying to get someone to invest time and, usually, money into your writing.

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